Attitude of Gratitude Module

Is your feeling of gratitude based solely on how you react to your current life situation? Christian offers some powerful ways to help you develop a more consistent attitude of gratitude.

Schedule + Time Management Module

Why do we procrastinate? Adam offers tips on how to stop sabotaging yourself, to defeat procrastination, and reach your goals.

Managing Self Talk Module

Your thoughts contain power. Many people underestimate just how important their self-talk is to their mindset. In this video, Adam covers the four stages of self-talk and explains the power of using the correct words to override the negative voice in your brain. Are you struggling with negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, or depression? Adam offers some simple changes to regain control over your thoughts and ensure that the little voice in your head is telling you positive things.

Emotional Intelligence Module

What is “emotional intelligence” and how do we get it? Andrew lays out a simple trick to help you develop emotional intelligence and have fun while doing it. Why is emotional intelligence so important? Kate provides three ways to help you become the master of your emotions, strengthening your emotional intelligence and your interactions with other people.

Confidence Module

Confidence is a big player in the results we get. So how can you gain confidence when you need it most? Adam shares the process of how to “ACT” your way into being confident.

Accountability + Problem Solving Module

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems impossible to overcome? Andrew walks you through a process you can use to make the most of any challenging situation.

Goal Setting Module

Do you find yourself unmotivated by certain aspects of your life? Stephanie explains how viewing life as a game will get you excited to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Are your goals SMART? Stephanie covers what SMART means and how this acronym is crucial for accomplishing your goals.

Vision Module

Doing the things that make you happy is the key to being happy, right? Actually, there is more to it than that! Andrew explains the importance of thinking in terms of BE-DO-HAVE to attain an outcome that will make your goals a reality. What is your purpose in life? Christian takes the intimidation out of answering that question with a simple exercise to help you find your “why.” What do you want out of life, and how will you achieve it? Christian covers how having a vision for your future will help you learn how to live today.