Southwestern Coaching offers a 12-month introductory program specifically designed for those who want an individualized and self-paced program that easily fits into their busy schedules every month.

Adapted from our core program, Top Producer’s Edge, Southwestern Coaching Mastermind is crafted for salespeople of any level in any industry looking to improve their professional career and work on their personal development entirely at their own pace. As part of the program, clients pay a $99 monthly subscription fee and receive access to one training module and accompanying videos every month. In addition, clients are invited to participate in a monthly, interactive webinar series hosted by certified sales and leadership coaches.

Southwestern Coaching Mastermind is a 12-month program covering the following topics: Vision, Goal Setting, Navigate, Phone Techniques, Prospecting and Lead Generation, Taking Action Now, Confidence, Referrals, Accountability, Positive Self Talk, Sales Physiology, and Effective Follow-Up.


The principles in the program’s researched and tested modules are well captured and relevant to the issues with which today’s sales professionals must master to excel.

What to Expect from the Southwestern Coaching Mastermind Program:

Sales Skills

  • How to generate and sell to referrals
  • Understand different buying behavior styles
  • Utilize non-verbal communication to keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle
  • Learn how to use effective follow-up to close more business


  • Map out your maximum earning potential and utilize a goal card
  • Build a robust LinkedIn referral system so that your pipeline is always full
  • Create scripts that get you in front of more decision-makers
  • Design accountability systems and develop affirmations to reach your sales goals

Sales Motivation

  • Harness the power of self-talk
  • Create strategies for overcoming creative avoidance
  • Develop your vision and set goals to achieve it
  • Understand self-motivation and sales physiology

Southwestern Coaching Mastermind is not group coaching, it is a specialized 12-month program for individuals to improve their professional and personal lives. The content and training material are intended to be consumed at one’s own pace month-by-month.


For $99 every month, you will receive:

  • One training module
  • Accompanying videos per topic
  • Invitation to exclusive mastermind webinar hosted by certified sales and leadership coaches once a month
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