CEO of the Southwestern Family of Companies, Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, Head of Southwestern Coaching

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As CEO, Dustin Hillis is leading the vision and strategy to make The Southwestern Family of Companies the largest and most impactful privately-owned company worldwide by 2048. Under his leadership, the company has grown from 19 to 30 businesses and is well on its way to reaching the aggressive goal of more than 200 business in less than 30 years.


Hillis is a Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting, a sales and leadership coaching, keynote speaking and personal empowerment firm that helps clients around the world drive sales performance through the use of time-tested principles and proven methodologies. 


Hillis is the co-author of Navigate 2.0: Selling the Way People Like to Buy, and the co-creator of the sales training curriculum Top Producer’s Edge, Manager’s Edge and Executive Edge. His latest project Redefining Possible: 10 Keys to Killing Complacency, Breaking Belief Barriers and Creating a New Normal (co-authored with Ron Alford) is set to release in September 2020.

  • As a junior at the University of Tennessee, Hillis broke the more than 160-year-old, all time sales record for Southwestern Advantage, making a profit of more than $100,000 in 14 weeks. That sales record still stands today.
  • With a degree in psychology and experience knocking on thousands of doors, Hillis is an expert in buying, selling, management behavior and how to adapt to the way people want to be communicated with. 
  • In 2019, Hillis was named to Nashville Business Journal's 40 Under 40 list. 
  • Something about his drone and how much he loves taking video with it.
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Navigate 2.0

Navigate 2.0 is a fascinating look at the four primary buying and selling behavioral styles that exist in the marketplace. Based in well researched data and behavioral science such as DiSC, Navigate is distinct in that it offers specific and tactical strategies for how to modify your sales approach, presentation, and close to increase the likelihood of a sale.

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