Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach

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Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach

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Teej is a motivator, implementer, and people grower with over 20 years of experience in sales and leadership. As a coach, trainer, and speaker, she is committed to removing the obstacles that impact the lives and careers of her clients. From cold calling to door knocking, she’s not only done it—she’s recruited and trained candidates to also succeed at it.

Teej’s passion for learning started as a child. Her first job was cleaning up torn down properties to earn money for her education. Her unbreakable spirit and unwavering tenacity were challenged on every front. However, Teej decided her starting point would not define her future. After attending school for performing arts, she launched an early career in fashion, voice talent, and media sales.

She transitioned into financial services with an interest in wealth management. There, she discovered a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve financial wellness. She built teams and territories that consistently ranked highest in retention, customer satisfaction scores, and profits.

Teej continues to diversify her ability to speak and train leaders on topics that impact their companies and team members at the core. Her passion projects include working to eradicate human trafficking by advocating for legal change and supporting the need to shine a light on this global problem.

A Few Highlights

Certified Team Engagement Professional and certified in Diversity & Inclusion

National Diversity Council member

Women-at-Risk consultant and Child Rescue Coalition advocate


Something to Think About

Teej is driven to help others and make the world a better place—both in business and in our everyday lives. She specializes in engagement and uses her experience with diversity and inclusion to bring out the best in the teams she works with. She is also an advocate for global issues, such as human trafficking, and actively works to bring about change on an international scale.

Teej is a life-long learner, avid reader, and world traveler. She believes that conviction and consistency are the result of taking steps to clarify your vision, mission, and purpose.