Good social skills are important for communication, mental health, self-awareness, peer-to-peer relationships and navigating life’s overall challenges, both academically and professionally.
Take out a piece of paper and rate your teen on a scale of 1-10 (1 – poor, 10 – excellent).

  • Is proactive in making friends.
  • Is reasonably confident in their appearance.
  • Is confident in social situations; not afraid to initiate conversation.
  • Has reasonably healthy relationships with their peers.
  • Socially aware of behaviors and consequences.
  • Knows bullying is wrong and how to handle it.
  • Avoids cliques and putting others down unintentionally.
  • Seeks out hobbies and opportunities to grow socially.
  • Has healthy boundaries on social media and electronic devices.
  • Knows how to interact well with superiors/adults.

Add up the total:


  • 80 and up: Your student is above average in the area of social skills. Way to go!
  • 70-80: Some initiative, but with room for improvement.
  • 60-70: The potential is there, but without development, student may struggle to excel in social situations and with processing peer interactions.
  • 60 and below: Definite candidate for coaching. Further development needed to ensure student can handle a variety of social situations confidently and without stress.

How can Student Coaching help with social skills?

Our 1:1 Student’s Edge coaching program pairs your child with a coach who will help assess your child’s personality and natural aptitude, as well as room for social growth, using a proven program. The 6-month curriculum includes two monthly coaching calls, as well as modules and exercises for the student to apply in real life situations and social interactions. For more info, contact us below.
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