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As a coach, international spokesmodel, best-selling author, and entrepreneur, Kimberly prides herself on helping clients build a passionate and mindful foundation leading to daily success habits. She has worked with clients all over the world, strengthening their positive communication while integrating and developing strong, intentional habits that lead to elevated happiness and production. She focuses on identifying clients’ unique pain points and crafting holistic solutions that increase their overall lifestyle satisfaction and joy factor.

As a business professional, Kimberly successfully developed a catering division of James Beard award-winning restaurants, increasing revenue by 75%. She continued her journey in pharmaceutical sales as a consistent top performer and increased her territory by 20% for PDI/Protocal Pharmaceuticals. Eventually, she moved on to help others lead a balanced lifestyle with her lifestyle coaching business.

Kimberly authored an Amazon/Kindle best-selling book in which she created a program called FLOW (a formula for healthy traveling) that she continues to sell and market today. She has been recognized as a leading expert by ABC network, as well as appearing on “The Ripple Effect,” and Fox News UK for her book.

Kimberly inspires others to pursue their personal and professional goals by developing clarity and creating daily habits that propel them to successes not previously considered attainable. Her confidence and can-do attitude comes from a diverse and unique background: She has several certifications in health and wellness and has been recognized as an expert in the industry. She is a graduate of the QSCA coaching academy, specializing in positive self-talk utilizing the Law of Attraction scientific methods. She carries additional certificates in muscle mastery design, nutritional planning, and luxury market design. She recently accepted an award of excellence as a lifestyle consultant in lifestyle design by Dr. Jack Barnathan, consultant to US presidents, gold-medal athletes, and luxury couture brands.

A Few Highlights

Lived in Switzerland for seven years where she was a spokesmodel for The Geneva Auto Show, a runway and print model, and a TV commercial actress.

Earned her B.A. in business with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in psychology in Geneva, Switzerland at Webster University.

Interned at the American International Club, creating and executing successful international events in Geneva, as well as an internship with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) where she assisted in the creation of campaigns to help save endangered tigers.


Something to Think About

Kimberly believes challenges are merely gifts we haven’t opened yet. She leads her clients to discover hidden strengths that will help them gain clarity, reignite passion, and take a clear path of action to see major shifts in their personal productivity and businesses.

Kimberly emphasizes a BE, DO, HAVE mindset:

  • BE who you want to become,
  • DO daily habits to create space for success, and
  • HAVE a mindset to take action and get real measurable results.