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Dietrich is an experienced entrepreneur, salesperson, manager, and motivational speaker with a passion for building businesses and people. In college, he was a top producer and recruiter at Southwestern Advantage. He sold educational books door to door 80 hours a week. Dietrich is first and foremost a communicator and has had the good fortune of being able to communicate in five languages. He enjoys meeting new people, creating genuine rapport, and building lasting relationships—both within an organization and with clients around the world.

Dietrich has a unique perspective on business in the United States, South America, and Europe, having worked in the public and private sectors. He also owns his own business and has experience in a variety of industries, including multi-level marketing/direct sales, mortgage, real estate, audits, law, construction, fundraising, education, government, entertainment, and financial services.

Dietrich is a dancer and singer who has performed on Broadway. He is a frequent traveler who has achieved lifetime gold status with American Airlines—meaning he has traveled over 1 million miles.

A Few Highlights

Top 10% recruiter at Southwestern Advantage in his first year of recruiting

Southwestern Top First-Year Salesperson, ranking in the top 5% off all first-year salespeople

Recruited, trained, and led commission-based sales teams for more than 20 years


Something to Think About

Dietrich is an appointed Guardian Ad Litem for children and has worked with senior citizens suffering from Parkinson’s. He loves to dance and has been a salsa instructor. He is a tenor and soloist and has performed opera and on Broadway.

Dietrich has travelled to more than 200 cities worldwide, reaching lifetime gold member status with American Airlines (over 1 million miles traveled). He graduated from Indiana University with his master’s degree in public and nonprofit management. He received his bachelor's degree from the Kelley School of Business in marketing, management, and international studies.