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Sales & Leadership Coach

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David has a passion for helping others through training and inspiration. He believes in perpetual growth and personal development. A favorite quote of his is, “Perfection is never achieved, but always in motion.” David loves to read and attend seminars to gain clarity and help others achieve the same things in their lives. His ultimate reward is seeing people’s breakthroughs and achievements provide them true happiness.

David grew up in Hawaii before moving to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree, which created the unique blend of a driven professional with an island-boy attitude.

A Few Highlights

Coached and developed teams from scratch in three different territories in financial services

Recruited, trained, and promoted to develop the territory

Has been in the top 1% of sales managers for the growth of a territory


Something to Think About

In his free time, David likes to relax outside. He enjoys the beach, volleyball, traveling, and any excuse to get some fresh air.